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Deadline and Submission

The entry deadline is Friday, July 12, 2024. In order to participate in the competition, you must register at website and add the link of your project (named with an ID code and placed in a single folder) that you uploaded to one of the sharing platforms (OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.) to this registration section and send it to us.

Competitors are required to fill in the requested information on the website, choose an ID code consisting of two letters and 4 numbers for themselves, and use this ID code instead of name and other information in their submitted works. Using any name or information indicating the identity of the competitor in work other than ID code may result in disqualification.

You can participate in the competition with works in various formats (film, poster, text, stop motion, etc.). However, it is important to make sure that the total file size of the project does not exceed 200MB. In addition, quality should be 150 - 300 DPI for posters and 720p for videos. In addition, it is recommended that video duration should not exceed 3 minutes.

Since the purpose of this competition is to evaluate concept communication design, not design projects, you do not need to submit your entire project to the competition. However, a poster (in A3 format, landscape, PDF) is also expected from you as well as your concept communication works, giving information about the course you have made your design in and how the concept you created reflects on the design project.

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